Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ex Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Pigface Members Cover Ultravox Classic

EFFECTIONHATE, the experimental music project led by multi-instrumentalist Shannon Gausten, has unleashed a cover version of ULTRAVOX’s early ’80s New Wave classic, “Hymn.”

EFFECTIONHATE’s interpretation of “Hymn” features guest vocals by Dave Ingram (ex BOLT THROWER/ex BENEDICTION) and Juliana Novo (CRUCIFIXION BR, NOCTIS NOTUS, ex-DREMORA/ex-LAMENTED DESPONDENCY), with Shannon’s husband Joel (ex THE UNDEAD/ ex PIGFACE/ ex ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN), Matt Ingram (DOKTOR) and producer/mixer Ryan Reminisce contributing to the music.

The song can currently be heard in the latest episodes of Deep Six Radio ( and the 9sense Podcast (, both on Radio Free Satan ( Deep Six’s segment on the song (featuring commentary by Dave and Matt Ingram) begins at the 50:45 mark, while the 9sense Podcast features a segment on Effectionhate (including an interview with Shannon and Joel Gausten) beginning at the 37-minute mark. In addition, the track will be posted on the official Ultravox website ( in the near future. An EP of various remixes of Effectionhate's "Hymn" track is slated for release later this fall.

Created by Shannon Gausten in 2007, Effectionhate is experimental in nature and creates music ranging from Techno to Classical and atonal Industrial noise, with the project's evolving list of contributors ensuring that no two compositions are alike. Past contributors to the project include Troy Gregory (ex-PRONG, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, SWANS, KILLING JOKE), Pete Jones (ex-PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED), Keith LeBlanc (TACKHEAD, MINISTRY) and Sonny Bellavance (THE DEVIL'S GUITAR). Effectionhate's debut full-length album, Music Is Dead, is in the final stages of completion and will feature contributions from guitarist Sonny Bellavance and drummers Martin Atkins (PIGFACE, NINE INCH NAILS, MINISTRY, PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED) and Joel Gausten. The album is slated for an early 2014 release.


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