Sunday, July 4, 2021

IT'S ALIVE!: Inside the Low-Brow Lyrical World of Electric Frankenstein

All great bands understand the value of making a visual statement to go along with their music. For New Jersey Punk Rock & Roll veterans Electric Frankenstein (EF), this has meant 30 years of awesome low-brow poster and album cover art. But what happens when the band’s actual music gets interpreted by some of the world’s most inventive and incendiary artists? This new 350-plus page book of illustrated lyrics answers that question by taking 125 selections from EF’s extensive 1994-2017 discography and bringing them to life in glorious (and often gloriously grotesque) ways. If trashy comics, film noir, Punk Rock and NSFW sex and gore bring a smile to your face, then this ones definitely for you.

Yes, all the great horror/sleaze/Rock poster artists are here, but there’s also a slew of newer or previously unrecognized talents in this collection who will titillate, test your limits of good taste and make you want to put on your favorite EF records and view along.

Personal favorite? Well, that’s a tough one, although I must give a nod to the woman-getting-her-bare-bottom-reddened-by-a-sinister-priest BDSM charm of Ben Tegel’s art for the rare EF track “Let’s Sin.”

Stunning from cover to cover, this book is an absolute must-have for admirers of adventurous art and fans of the output of one of the most prolific and consistently great bands in American underground music history.

Get yourself a copy of the book at its Kickstarter page.


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