Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Memory of Gary Moore

Anyone serious about their Rock N' Roll has at least one true guitar hero. I lost mine this morning. 

In many ways, my love of Gary Moore's beautiful guitar playing - especially on Thin Lizzy's incomparable "Black Rose" album - gave me a career. If I never fell in love with that amazing work, I might not have ended up as a music book publisher. Some of the earliest independent writing I ever produced was about this man's work with Thin Lizzy. As I complete work on an upcoming book chapter devoted to "Black Rose," it shatters me to know I must now add this painful postscript.

My deepest condolences to Bob Daisley and other mutual friends who worked with Gary in creating the magic that went into a Gary Moore album and live performance. 

Listen to Gary Moore's music today, and let it move you. A special man's momentum has ceased, a legend has left our world.

Rest in peace, Gary. And thank you.


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