Friday, August 17, 2018

Words for Jill

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I am completely heartbroken to learn of Jill Janus' suicide.

In 2015, I interviewed her about her struggles with schizophrenia and history of suicide attempts. She was nothing but a fighter - as those who combat those impulses typically are. It shatters me to know that the battle became too great for her.

I wish we could all rise above our demons. Some of us can't. It's incredibly hard at times to find a reason to keep moving. My love and support to those who continue to do so...and my love, understanding and sorrow for those who cannot.

Unsurprisingly, news of a known musician's passing often leads people to either reflect on that person's body of work or discover that work for the first time. Both are certainly happening today with respect to Jill.

I've been listening to what now stands as her final album with Huntress all day today. When I first heard it in 2015, I knew this wasn't just a typical Metal album. It was clear this woman was suffering.

I'm grateful that Jill allowed me the opportunity to help share her story in the interview she gave me. I'm having a very hard time coming to terms with the fact that the story didn't have a happy ending.

Below is the song that I feel sums up what she was trying to communicate and achieve on Static.

This and the other songs on the album were the mark of a strong and courageous soul. She kicked ass and deserved more.

I'm so sorry, Jill. Thanks for staying with us as long as you could.

My interview with Jill can be read here. 


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