Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Full Album Stream - Gitane DeMone: The Reflecting Shadow

It gives me great pleasure to offer a free stream of Gitane DeMone’s new album, The Reflecting Shadow, below.

The Reflecting Shadow is Gitane’s first full-length solo album since 2000’s Stars Of Trash. Unlike that album, which was mostly Rock-oriented in nature, The Reflecting Shadow is closer to the dark and seductive vibes of her earlier post-Christian Death material. (With Love And Dementia immediately comes to mind.) Recorded in collaboration with Jean-Paul Garnier (who shaped much of the album’s musical style), The Reflecting Shadow is another great chapter in a legendary aural history built on work with Pompeii 99, Christian Death, The Crystelles and various other projects. (Listen to audio of Gitane discussing Christian Death's Ashes album HERE.)

It’s especially meaningful for me to hear new Gitane music right now, as I first met her 10 years ago this month. While living in Los Angeles circa 2003/2004, I played in a band called The Sixth Chamber with Gitane’s son, Sevan. (More on The Sixth Chamber is available HERE.) Although that era of my life was a tremendous amount of fun, it was also quite challenging. Gitane was wonderful towards me, and I recall crashing and eating at her place more than once back then. I’ll always be thankful for her friendship and support in those insane days.

What an amazing woman. What an extraordinary talent.

Plans are underway for a stateside vinyl release of The Reflecting Shadow in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, enjoy the stream and please consider downloading the album for only $10 and supporting Gitane's work by hitting "Buy" in the widget below.


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