Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"You're Not Alone:" Steve Zing Speaks Out on Depression

Steve Zing (far right) with Samhain, 1984

Steve Zing (Danzig/Samhain) is one of the best people I know.

I first met him in 1996 at The Misfits' “homecoming show” at Action Park in Vernon, NJ. Right from our first introduction, he's been a truly open human being always willing to help. At the time, he was fronting a band called Chyna and doing shows in the area. Shortly after meeting him, I asked if he would be interested in having Chyna perform at a benefit show I was putting together for a friend's brother who had cancer. He immediately said yes; a few months later, Chyna arrived at the VFW hall I booked and blew the roof off the place for no money. That began a years-long friendship that saw Chyna play several shows I booked circa '96'-97. Every time I asked Steve to do a show, he said yes. Hell, he even did a reunion show of his early '80s Horror Punk band, Mourning Noise, at my hall in '97 and let me play drums on their cover of "I Turned Into A Martian." 

Steve has a habit of saying yes and being generous. When I first started writing professionally in 2000, he agreed to be my first-ever cover story interview – for Samhain in the Aquarian Weekly. That's a helluva way to start a journalism career! When I started my online radio show “Glory Is Noise” (2010-2012), Steve agreed to be my first-ever guest. Another time, I ran into him at a show and asked if he would call a friend of mine (a huge Danzig/Samhain fan) and leave a message on her answering machine – which he did on the spot.

I bring these things up because they illustrate the kind of heart Steve Zing has. That's also clear in the below video on depression that he has filmed on behalf of the You Rock Foundation. While some would shy away from publicly discussing such a deeply personal matter, Steve is using his fame as a means of reaching people who could use words of encouragement as they struggle with their own issues. It takes tremendous strength to say what he does in this video. While I'm proud of my old friend for doing this, I'm not at all surprised. It's just Steve being the guy he is.

Please check out this video and share it with anyone who might benefit from it. Go HERE  for more information on the You Rock Foundation.  

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