Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A New Mission

Photo Credit: The End Records 

Well, happy birthday to ME!

In addition to a great evening with my family in celebration of my 36th year, today brought the release of an audio preview of The Brightest Light, the new album by one of my old favorites, The Mission UK. The Brightest Light features the classic Simon Hinkler/Wayne Hussey/Craig Adams incarnation of the band on record for the first time since 1990’s extraordinary Carved In Sand.

Due for a North American release exactly two months from today, The Brightest Light is slated to include the following tunes:

Black Cat Bone
Everything But The Squeal
Sometimes The Brightest Light Comes From The Darkest Place
Born Under A Good Sign
The Girl In The Furskin Rug
When The Trap Clicks Shut Behind Us
Ain’t No Prayer In The Bible Can Save Me Now
Just Another Pawn In Your Game
From The Oyster Comes The Pearl
Swan Song
Litany For The Faithful

I’m a huge fan of the original Mission UK, so the news that Simon, Wayne and Craig are recording together again (with new drummer Mike Kelly) made my day even better. Have a listen to the album preview below. 

More information on The Mission UK is available HERE.


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