Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SONG PREMIERE: Mike Hudson/Richard Duguay - "Bad Bet"

Photo: Eric Michael Schrader

As previously discussed on this site, legendary writer/Pagans frontman Mike Hudson didn't need to do another goddamn thing after releasing the “Street Where Nobody Lives / What's This Shit Called Love?” single with The Pagans in 1978 to secure his place as one of the most incendiary and influential figures in American Punk. Fortunately for us, the man remains active to this day, with his output in recent years including (but not limited to) a novel (the impossible-to-put-down Fame Whore), an extraordinary new Pagans album (2014's Hollywood High) and a 2015 Record Store Day archival live album. As fiery now as he was nearly 40 years ago, Hudson proves that the real fucking thing doesn't fade with age.

Hudson's newest track, "Bad Bet," pairs him with guitarist/bassist Richard Duguay - known to Canadian punks for his stint with Personality Crisis and revered by Guns N' Roses aficionados the world over for his work on "The Spaghetti Incident?" - for a short blast of dirty, Dolls-infused barroom Rock that is strong enough to stand alongside The Pagans' very best work. "Bad Bet" also features the talents of drummer Justin Lack and backing vocalist Susan Tunney. 

Take a listen below - it's a scorcher! 

On a personal note, The Pagans were among the bands that first opened my ears to undeground music when I was a kid, so I'm deeply honored that Mike asked me to premiere this track on this site. 

Play it loud, folks...It don't get better than this.